Divoli Data Processing is delivering i-services which are handled in their operational office in India.

For this reason we have created two ways of getting the projects to the office in India. The client can either use a custom made portal which allows him to send and receive files to and from the office in India. Depending on the needs of the client this portal will be custom built and adjusted to his needs. Client preferring the data staying at their office we can use a remotely accessible server.


For data which can be moved outside of the clients office DDP will foresee a communication tool which allows the client and Divoli Data Processing an easy way of interacting.

A "scan and send" application will be created for sending and receiving files which need to be processed.

Depending on the client's needs a custom entry screen with built-in quality check will be developed.

After finishing the upload from DDP's side the customer will receive an email confirmation with a link to download the finished project file.


To make sure the data don't leave the clients office a remotely accesible server at the clients location is needed:

  • accessible from within the clients office
  • accessible from our office
  • having the processing software installed

All data which needs processing will be copied on that server which remains physically in the client's premises.

The data will be processed on the server itself.

The server will be made accessible only in viewing mode, which makes it impossible to move data out of the server.

Quality control

Quality control is very important for DDP and has become a standard in our working procedures.

For every developed process we have a SOP (standard operating procedure) with a defined control system.

We can add client specific quality demands where needed.

As standard quality control in our SOP we perform periodical or volume-based control tests.

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