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With our i-Cad application we are delivering a service towards CAD-agencies or companies in need of outsourced cad-services.
We are currently working for Cad-agencies, environmental study agencies and architects.
We can deliver CAD-services in the following areas of interest:

  • CAD drawings for environmental studies
  • CAD drawings for remediation projects
  • GIS projects towards specific demands of OVAM (Flemisch Public Waste Company)
  • Digitizing of old maps, drawings, etc...


The client's advantage is that he can rely on highly-trained and experienced CAD-designers to deliver the i-Cad services.

The Divoli Data Processing CAD team is continously trained and uses the latest technologies for CAD design.

You will have the possibility to compose a dedicated team of experts to provide you with qualitative drawings withing the time shedule defined for your projects.

Contact Us!

Divoli Data Processing Pvt Ltd

R. Madhavan Nair Road

Sabu & Cyprian Building 2nd Floor

Ravipuram, Cochin

Tel: 0484 40 66 744